Dye And Prints On Fabric

Dye And Prints

Slipstream will help you to unlock the infinite potential of cloth with hand crafted colour using dye and prints...

Do you want to make your own fabrics?

Do you know that you can transform a piece of plain white cloth into anything that YOU want it to be?

People who use our products include crafters, quilters, craft teachers, school teachers, skills development trainers,
kids party organisers, fashion and interior designers, photographers, kids and textile enthusiasts. If you like colour, we can unlock a world of wonder and fun for you. 

Reactive Fabric Dye

We supply a reliable fabric dye that work on natural fabrics and is vibrant and colour fast for wash after wash if used correctly.

Lino Block Printing Supplies

Printing on cloth is easier than you think. A hand carved lino block can be used for stamping on fabric, paper, card, canvass, leather, wood, pvc and many other surfaces. They are handy for scrapbooking as well.


We teach what we know. Come and learn with us.

* Free play in full colour (fabric dyeing in full colour)
* A dozen basic binding techniques
* Colour technician's course (learn to mix your own colours)

* Lino block making
* Printing with found objects

Dyeing With Kids

Kids absolutely LOVE tie dye. We can come and teach your kids or you can learn from us how to do it yourself.

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